ANDREA NOCE - Ossidiana compilation

The obsidian, the volcanic glass produced when felsic lava cools rapidly, has been used since dawn of men, both for weapons and for luxury furnishings. A collection of obsidian pieces is a dolly shot through different space-time layouts. Inspired by arcane astroarchaelogical conjectures, this album is Andrea’s second experience as solo artist. 

Child songs, Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and hindu laments on acid techno drums, lysergic yantras for ecstatic love rituals: Ossidiana Compilation sounds like meditative computer music, plunged into club and electronics. It contains three covers (E/water, Hawaii Bombay, I am too sexy), rearranged with visionary approach. Palms and exotic landscapes materialize visions of a new pop era, made of filters and digital delay. A meteorite’s journey from the Cassiopeia constellation to the solar system.

SEL70_BELL - Flavius Collum

from sardinia with luv, the first album of Bell_ 
an intimate isolationist-folk album, made to make you cry and die.

Sel69_OAXACA_ live studio session

Happy reissue!! first OAXACA’s masterpiece printed in vinyl.
featuring Jacob records

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Vinyl edition limited to 111 Copies 
a Selvaelettrica/Supremal Unjustice production 2014


released 26 March 2014 
Artwork: Re Delle Aringhe, Paola Brighenti 
Photos: Tommaso Battistelli 
Recorded in 2012 by Stefano Di Trapani on a Fostex x-26 
Produced by Tommaso Battistelli , Stefano Di Trapani 
Master: Andrea Merlini 
Music (all instruments, electronics): Tommaso Battistelli

believe it or not, this guy is the most downloaded/played artist on 

6th episode of the web series Random access my ass!
this week we learn more about the promising young man CALCUTTA, a singer an guitarist from one of the youngest city in the whole Europe: LATINA (ITALY)
go check his SABAUDIAN TAPES 

Interviewed in Latina (IT) by Kudu
Eng subs by Donato Falotico

F-ZERO:  Music for documentaries in the future
Music for documentaries in the future è il secondo album di F-Zer0, 
I brani presenti sono stati registrati nel corso dell’anno come colonne sonore di alcuni prodotti audiovisivi che ancora non hanno visto la luce. 
Le varie influenze sonore sono state dettate non tanto dalle immagini ma dal pensiero di fondo del racconto. Escono fuori 8 tracce che spaziano dal drone, ambient al noise, sfruttando field recording, registrazioni varie e un set che sembra una discarica sonora. 

F-Zer0 nasce come costola del progetto Fannullare, band di musica a-popolare nata a Bologna nel 2008. F-Zero è Davide Marchi polistrumentista incapace che fa parte del collettivo MadeOn.


we’re proud to announce our new issue_ the release number 66 is an intensive journey into the southern italy ambient scene.
Arturo Carlino aka ARZ is online again with us, 6 years after his first EP toxic jungle.

enjoy, dance, download, share_ it’s totally free_



this week’s new entry is XELA ZAID, another interesting weirdo from Miami (US)_ 

according to
"Xela Zaid has been lurking on the Miami music scene longer than some regular local musicians have been on Earth. More important, in that time his music has grown ever more subversively brilliant, finding an increasingly vital, comfortable niche in Dade’s noise underground. Lest you accuse Zaid of diving off some musical deep end, he’s maintained a characteristic sound that has never strayed far from his distinctive style. From writing catchy songs in his early years (before he decided to spell his name backward) to his current experiments in ambient dissonance, Zaid remains an original. He’s never been one to take any instrument at face value; early experiments included shoving a mike into the sound hole of an acoustic guitar and inventing a unique tuning for the instrument. His strums conjure the aural illusion of a spectral bassist accompanying his hushed, raspy voice…”

listen & download….it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

4th episode of the web series Random access my ass!
this week we meet Manuel Cascone, singer, polistrumentist, former musician and composer for the bands:

Now he’s active as a solo artist/performer and with other projects such as “CASCAO & LADY MARU” and the band “NASTRO”;

Interviewed in Bassiano (IT) by Kudu
Eng subs by Donato Falotico